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Latest Jobs

Position: Assistant Manager HR & Admin


BBA /MBA (HRM), 8-10 years relevant experience.

  • Details Responsibilities:
  • Look after all activities of the HR & Admin Department.
  • Check and approve all the documents requiring approval of DGM, GM and Top Management.
  • Receive various reports from Assistant Manager HR relating to various personal matters and take appropriate decisions.
  • Preparing and approving time tickets of personnel.
  • Plan workforce required for the Company and evaluates job responsibilities.
  • Coordinate with the contract sites for completion of recruitment process.
  • Approve employment requisition.
  • Sign the Employee cards of employees.
  • Coordinate with the government authorities for local Legislation and statues governance.
  • Co Ordinate with the taxation section for updating the rates of taxes in the system.
  • Check and approve the monthly salary sheets.
  • Observe Labour laws for employees.
  • Coordinate with the various department head and management for
  1. Promotion
  2. Incentive/ Bonus
  3. Training
  4. Transfer
  5. Accidents of employees
  6. Disciplinary action.
  • Coordinate with management for employee’s dismissal and clearance.
  • Issue of warning letters after getting them approved from the Top Management.
  • Handling matters relating to resignation of employees.
  • Handling matters relating to termination of employees.
  • Handling matters relating to renewal of employment contracts.

Position: Electrical Engineer

Qualification: BE Electrical & MBA Marketing with 8-10 Years Experience


  • Strong Communication and negotiations skills
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills

Details Responsibilities:

  • Monitor all activities for business from new clients.
  • Visit the market for meeting with new clients
  • Provide technical support for development of new projects
  • Attending of the clients’ meetings for new business and exploring of the new job opportunity from the clients by proposing the tailored solutions of the client’s specific problem.
  • Support for Team building and facilitating the team members for the new business from market.
  • Technical, Professional and personnel Development and mentoring of pre-sales team.
  • Analytical reviews of projects, forecasting and sharing of feasible solution.

Position: Manager Procurement

Qualification: BBA /MBA Supply Chain with 8-10 Years Experience


  • Strong Communication and negotiations skills
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills

Details Responsibilities:

  1. Identify resources through market survey at the mobilization stage.
  2. Supervise overall procurement functions.
  3. Take decision on local and overseas procurement after consultation with top management.
  4. Co-ordinate with the employees and department/section heads for clearance / final settlement.
  5. Responsible for assign purchase requests for calling/issuance of Request for Quotations (RFQ’s).
  6. Select supplier from the comparative statement / bid analysis.
  7. Authorize local market cash procurement as per prescribed limits without calling quotation.
  8. Responsible for signing of Purchase Order’s (PO’s) on behalf of the company.
  9. Responsible to suggest cancellation of the order’s due to poor performance of the vendor’s.
  10. Co-ordinate with the suppliers for replacement of rejected goods.
  11. Approve supplier’s appraisal forms and black listing of the Suppliers due to poor performance.
  12.  Make arrangement for sale of scrap.
  13. Decide the mode of selling the scrap and select the best suited parties.
  14. Monitor the process of auction for sale of scrap.
  15. Approve purchase order status report and purchase request status report.

Position: Assistant Manager Procurement


BBA/MBA(Supply Chain/Business) 05-8 years’ relevant experience, timely continues the Cost effective Procurement of Goods & Services.

Details Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Manager Procurement in procurement Functions
  • Execute all works assigned by the Manager Procurement
  • Coordinate with foreign supplier for overseas procurement
  • Supervises the work assigned to support staff
  • Prepare quotation requests and calling quotations from suppliers
  • Receive quotations from suppliers
  • Prepare Comparative statement
  • Coordinate with shipping & expatriating officer for carrier’s availability
  • Make cash procurements from local market.
  • Prepare the purchase order of all types
  • Co – ordinate with the suppliers for in time delivery of goods at store
  • Co-ordinate with Safety & Environment officer for arrival status of goods
  • Monitor Purchase orders & receipt of goods
  • Prepare supplier’s appraisal and black listing
  • Prepare sale invoices of scrap
  • The timely delivery of prescribed reporting to procurement Manager
  • Keep record of all purchase documents in files and in the system.
  • Responsible to maintain the vendor’s database in soft file and in box files as system set by PTPS.
  • Responsible to maintain the Price list / locked rates sheets for goods/services
  • Responsible to maintain the vendor PO Register for reporting.

Job title:  Assistant Manager Field Operations (RDG)

Eligible Criteria:

    1. DAE/B-Tech/BE Electrical
    2. 03-05 years of field operations experience
    3. 25 – 45 Years of age

Details Responsibilities:

The Deputy Manager FOPS (Field Team Operations) will responsible to:

  1. Report directly to the Deputy Manager Field Team Operations
  2. Support to achieve the Operational excellence goals
  3. Be assigned to work part-time or full-time on the projects
  4. Attendance at status meetings or other meetings
  5. Compliance with standards
  6. Support and participation in project Management processes such as risk, issue, and document Management
  7. Supervise and provide technical direction to Field Team Members
  8. Review all sub-team deliverables
  9. Support to prepare regular status reports to Project Operations
  10. Support and resolve team-level risks, issues, and challenges
  11. Ensure team is using the project Management processes outlined by the PM in its Process Plans
  12. Work on Sales lead Generation plan set by management to add on sales
  13. Support for Field resources management, cost optimization and control.

Job title                      Manager Accounts & Finance

Reports to                  Director Finance

Supervises       a)     Assistant Manager Accounts & Finance

  1. Senior Accounts Officer
  2. Accounts Officer
  3. Accounts officer /Recovery Officer
  4. Supporting Staff

Basic function      To manage the accounting & finance affairs of the company and report to management well in time.


The Manager Accounts & Finance will be responsible to:

  1. Monitor all activities of Accounts & Finance Section
  2. Defines internal controls and their implementation within the section
  3. Define and segregate duties of Accounts & Finance Section
  4. Co – Ordinate with the various section for streamlining the movement of source information to

Accounts & Finance section.

  1. Deal with the matters relating to personal of Accounts & Finance section
  2. Approve intersectional transfer salary & category variation, warning letters, clearance certificate,

and termination letters of staff members of Accounts & Finance with consolation of HR.

  1. Co – Ordinate with the employees and department / section heads for clearance and final settlement

of employees.

  1. Monitor advances and receivables.
  1. Recover advances and other expenses from the employees.
  2. Define the Structure of the Accounts section in consultation with DGM/GM/CEO


  1. Define and develop the financial accounting system including the chart of account and accounts codes.
  2. Permit Assistant A&F Manager for opening the new account in the books of Account.
  1. Supervise the activities of data collection and recording.
  2. CO – ordinate with the client for payments against invoices.

Arrange the financing facilities from the local banks in consultation with the DGM/GM/CEO.

  • Co – ordinate with the DGM/GM/CEO with the reference to operations of bank accounts / transaction.
  • Supervise the activities if receipt and disbursements.

18   Verify the invoices / bills and payments vouchers for bank & cash payments.

  1. Correspond with the banks for relevant issues.
  2. Check and verify the bank receipt and payment vouchers and cheques before signing by the authorized signatories.
  3. Weekly meeting with other departments.
  4. Timely submission of management Reports.