HR Outsourcing


Prime Telepower Solutions (PVT) Ltd is one of the leading service providers in the Human Resource Outsourcing business, with over 100+ employees deployed at various national  venues. This part of our business is run through our own company. Prime Telepower Solutions focus on the core activities for any company is of the utmost importance in the highly competitive and innovative world of today – and so is cost saving and reducing overheads. For this purpose Human Resource Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular trend of conducting business.

If your firm holds the same sagacious view, let Prime Telepower Solutions be your partner in this endeavor and allow us to assist you in outsourcing your business load, recruiting suitable manpower, and managing your payroll for those projects. All this will be done keeping in view of your business values and cost effectiveness.

We help organizations who are in the need of a specialist, require an employee to fill in urgently for a short term /long term project, or desire interim workforce  until a permanent replacement is recruited.

Payroll Management services

We also offer Payroll Management services which help you focus on your core business activities, reduce business expenses, and stay away from the daily hassle of managing payroll. We have access to and employ an illustrious group of professionals at senior, middle, lower management and executive.

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